C:PORT Controls has provided unique and effective machine control solutions for over 20 years. No matter what the application, C:PORT will consult with you to find the most suitable and cost effective solution to your control problems. 

Custom Microcontroller Solutions

For those applications where speed of response is a priority, but small size and user selectable parameters are necessary, a microcontroller can provide the flexibility needed.


PLC Programming Solutions

For the replacement or upgrading an existing control, or a new control for a Special Purpose Machine, we can install and program most brands of PLCs to your specifications.


Custom Interface Boards

From signal conditioning using analog and state machines to a simple relay stack, we can match any voltage or current level to your machine.


SCADA and DAQ Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is becoming more prevalent on the factory floor. From hardware to software C:PORT can install a system to monitor virtually anything, over Ethernet, the WWW, or logged to file.