Preventive Maintenance


More and more companies are finding their customers are demanding a Preventive Maintenance program be an integrated part of their SPC program. C:PORT can help with documented calibration records , DC and AC motor inspection and service, and inspection of mechanical moving elements of the machine. Our expertise in finding problems before they become catastrophic has reduced some of our customer's downtime by as much as 60%. C:PORT takes preventive maintenance one step further to predictive maintenance, doing a  complete analysis of trends within the framework of the machine and  documenting mechanical, electrical, and fluid power systems parameters for future reference. We can even set up a computer database for automated information retrieval and data collection. Rates can be by machine, per diem, or by program.

 Just an example of some of the PM procedures used include;

On Motors...

                     High voltage tests of motor insulation

                     Brush and running gear inspection

                     Bearing inspection

                     Current draw and CEMF

                     Clean & inspect tachs, commutators, and encoders


On Mechanicals...

                     Inspection of ballscrews and thrust bearings

                     Check of mechanical backlash

                     Check of gibs, ways

                     Check of lubrication system

                     Inspection of way covers, wipers