PLC Programming


C:PORT has more than 10 years of experience installing and programming many brands of PLCs, including A-B, Gould/Modicon, Omron, Toshiba, and many others. Whether it's for replacement of a relay stack, complete replacement of an existing control, or a control for a special purpose machine, C:PORT will design, build and program the control to your specifications.


EPROM Programming and Copying


Many people are under the impression that the EPROMs  (Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory) in machine controls will retain their program indefinitely. In fact, the charged locations within EPROMs can dissipate in as little as 10 years, leading to intermittent machine problems and microprocessor errors. To avoid extended downtime obtaining replacements from machine manufacturers, many companies find it prudent to archive chips on any control 10 years or older.

Custom EPROM programming is available for modifying existing controls to allow custom interfaces for parts feeders, additional operator interfaces, extra machine functions etc. Call for a quote.

Key Benefits

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