Volumetric Laser Calibration of Ballscrews and

Machine Tools


The MCV5000  unit  will measure linear displacement of up to 100 feet with an accuracy of 0.3 microns using user-selectable intervals for measurement. Used as an independent verification of the control commands, it can be used for certification of machine tool positioning for ISO or NMTBA Standards, setting of pitch error compensation of ballscrews, or even as a "super micrometer". A computer generated report is available, providing hard copy of the commanded distances, the actual displacement at each point, and a maximum, minimum and mean deviation for the entire distance being measured. A graphical representation of deviation is provided to ease analysis and show trends in the data. The MCV5000 provides the fastest and most economical method of analyzing positioning and backlash problems along the entire length of travel of an axis with accuracy surpassing grinders or even CMM units.

Key Benefits

What Laser Calibration Can Do For You...

                     Increase Production by Increasing Capability Speeds and decreasing downtime

                    Decreasing Scrap Produced by Out of Tolerance Processes by bringing the process under control

                    Decrease  Maintenance Costs by pinpointing mechanical stresses in the machine leading to unpredictable breakdowns due to wear.

                    Decrease downtime and associated labour costs by speeding diagnosis and repair of machine breakdowns

                    Document actual  positioning to fulfill NMTBA and ISO mandates