C:Strait Laser 

Alignment System  

 For flatness, straightness, and perpendicularity with a range of 100 feet and an accuracy of 0.0004" (0.01 mm) along the entire measurement range, the C:Strait-laser is unsurpassed for checking the geometry of machine tools, alignment of rotary couplings,  parallelism of rollers,  concentricity of bores,  straightness of shafts and powertrains, flatness of platens and fixtures, and thermal growth  of gearboxes and platforms. The C:Strait-laser system is particularly suited to alignment of rotary couplings on compressors, generators, and pumps. With a single measurement, both angular and radial misalignment can be determined, even without rotating the coupling. Although the laser cannot be tied directly in to gravity (ie level), accurately leveling an isolated  section with a spirit level will allow the laser to indirectly level subsequent sections.


Just some of the applications we have had experience with are:

                     Spindle concentricity and  parallelism to the Z axis in lathes

                     Straightness of shafting in marine power trains

                     Flatness of platens on Injection Moulding presses

                     Perpendicularity of columns and concentricity of quills on Horizontal

             Boring  Mills

                     Parallelism of winding heads in multiple wire winding machines

                     Alignment of high speed gearboxes and clutches  


Key Benefits